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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

F waited for the answer from her after it had gotten back from the trip. But there was not a communication from her either.
F decided to be waited for her at near her house because there was no other way.
Junko didn't show up though 30 minutes passed. When thinking the resignation of F and the return, one car stopped in front of her house.
F saw the appearance of the car. It does a little, and she and a man who doesn't know have come out from among the car.
Seemingly, the age of the man is a good young man that the physique is stocky with F and the same. He is dressing the suit with a good hobby in the city.
'Who on earth is that man?'
The man disappeared in stepping into a car after some words were exchanged with Junko again, and seeing.
F decided to take off work on the next day, and to wait for her in front of the kindergarten where Junko works.
'Did you read a letter?'
'Yes. But, please stop it.'
'I love you.'
'I was engaged.'
'I met him with a view to marriage last week.'
The other party is a son of the customer in father's company. Father recommended it. At last, F has understood the meaning of what Junko says. Perhaps, the other party must be that man.
The shake was not able to be concealed though F started keeping calm. His body began to tremble little by little.
Why did you meet the man with a view to marriage?