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The place of meeting with Yumi was a station of Shinkansen. I don't remember her face too much well though it is two weeks ago that I met her for the first time.
I asked her by telephone last night. 'Please find me well.' I looked about the surrounding. But there was no person who seemed her.
I ignited the cigarette. And, I thought about her.
Is she only positive and active? And she is a playful free woman.
If so, the story is fast. Because I only have also nothing but to have matched it to her.
But why does she come so purposely far if so? What reasons is it?
The romantic feeling arose to her on the person evening between these ・・・・・・.
Surely. Besides, I think that there are some reasons.
When I thought about it, someone tapped my shoulder.
'What did you think?' the woman said.
'I was looking at you for a little while. Because you are interesting.'
The woman floated a mysterious smile after she said so.
It was a smile without knowing by sight somehow. It is nostalgic but it isn't so. The smile is strange.
It had a little time on one's hands by the time I noticed that the woman was Yumi. I tried to smooth it over so that she should not notice that.
'After a long time.'
'Oh! It was so.'
'Only two weeks.' The tone of the soft voice made me confirm it was a woman named Yumi of just her getting acquainted the other day.
Transfiguration. The word might have been the most appropriate to her at that time. When we met for the first time two weeks ago, she wore jeans without making it up.
She was not attractively seen though I received acted impression to her at that time.
But the woman who exists in my presence now is painting the lipstick of the light shade of pink putting on the skirt that the pattern of the floral print of same Cairo of chic Brown as the jacket enters.
She is coordinating accessories such as earrings and brooches well.
In the feeling seen for a moment, she is a woman style with a good so-called city.
And that mysterious smile. Her impression began to cause confusion in me.
We decided to enter the nearby coffee shop for the time being.
'I am surprised.' I said. 'Your impression is fairly different.'
'Is it so? I am usually such feeling.' And Yumi touched the hair. 'It was a free travel the other day. But it is different for a moment this time.'
After that, we had walked in the town a little, we ate lunch at a restaurant. Then we thought where to go.
I proposed, 'Let's bought food and go to my room'. She also agreed with it. It was very hot in the outside anyway. I think that the temperature had exceeded 35 degrees.