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The west positive started entering from the window a little when returning to the room. I turned on the switch of air-conditioning at once.
Yumi said, 'It is not a good room'.
'Did you enter the nature?'
'Food food and very pleasant'
'It might be understood not to spend money so much if it often sees' The one that it is not finished to have blocked one respondent Book in the answering machine and the Book shelf gotten from the desk and the person with a simple only leg with a VCR obtained by the television and the half the price bought used, a simple pipe bed, and the top board tightly, and to enter is arranged directly to the floor. The only boast is a stereo. Because music was very important for me, money was not regretted to a stereo alone. And, I keep paying the loan now.
After having looked about one-kind room, Yumi saw the Book shelf.
'Favorite Chandler' 'Read .... variously' and ''
I also ..'Ah' '.. am almost reading Chandler. Chandler..what kind
'After all, was it a sincere point of Marrou?' and '' Yumi thought about something a little.
'Do you often read Book?'
' 'Though Book difficult because it is busy is not read so much food.. however recently, beam or. It is talked as the fellow who reads Book and is not bored for the time being.
'Is it fast one to read?'There was with me.
It was as I felt it when meeting for the first time the other day of 'It is to read one a day if it is time ..aspect.. free'