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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar
Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

Yumi pointed at the window where setting sun was hit. The veranda of making known is a little attached to my room. The deck chair is put there and the table set to which 2 and the beach umbrella attach is put. I followed after that because she had gone out to the veranda, too. It is still a little early until dusk. She gave a lot of care to the table.
'' and Yumi said. 'Which is the sea?'
It was said, 'It was the other side' and 'Aspect' and she moved her hand from to me.
'It splashed truly, and it hesitated whether to come'
I am in 'where it might go what to be done. 'Then, why did you want to come? ..'..' where it might go why
I wanted ..'.. to meet. ' ..meeting and wanting speak with you.. ..'..
It had been interested very much however when having met for the first time the other day, and ..'.. ..might this person Hit it.. not to be said what. I wanted to meet .... anyway, and to talk more. She said '''Become it'' however though it became a lie when such feeling was said for the first time ..really after a long time.. ..then... I turned its body to her.
She said, 'After all, you may come'. A and and that mysterious smile seeing appeared to her. I drew her. And, we kissed.