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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

Is not Yumi made a toast for a moment though it is early?It was arranged up that the table of the food that had been bought in some measure with my.. beer because it said. Because she liked bourbon, it bought it for the time being.
We piled up the glass to 'It was possible to meet again' aspect remark.
I put the cassette tape that Yumi had brought. Alexander O'Neill, Billy ocean, Marbin gay, and STEELY DAN. I am never hated.
'' and Yumi said. 'The room is always so cleaned. '
When the truth is spoken, it is ..'.. after a long time that the girl comes to the room. The positive has been falling little by little ..the misunderstanding of such a wind of '' 'Though she ..roughly.. seem to be fully' occasionally because of panicking of it.. ..'... The outside of the window changes into the dusk color. The light of the town seen far away and the light of the car come clearly to the surface gradually. I poured bourbon into the glass of Yumi.
Yumi said, 'It still passed and it ..mystery.. ..each other.. had settled down however very much me though it did not know'. Though I was not so much ..fall wear 1...
I took shower ..after Yumi... The blue bathrobe that I passed was worn and she was gazing out the window when she went out of shower room. I opened an icebox thinking that something a cold drink was made.
It is ice in the orange juice. And, a long and slender glass. Yumi turns the arm back to me. I pass the glass that the orange juice enters to her. She watches my eyes drinking it only by one item. She sees me like seeing the phantom. A strange shadow sometimes flickers in her pupil. However, it did not guess in me at that time at all though it did not know what on earth it meant. Because and, that was not too anxious either
I kissed Yumi. She moved her hand to my back. And, that mysterious smile floated again and her mouth floated. It kissed her me. We fall as it is on the bed. I ..strengthening.. embraced her closely a little. And, it gave a lot of care to her bathrobe.
'Ceased it' and Yumi said. I loosened its hand. The scenery at night has clearly come outside the window to the surface. I left the bed, and sat on a chair.
I ..useless.. ..'.. :. Yumi said '..the awareness of the uncle why.. at critical times.
I did not say anything, and was gazing out the window for a long time.
'Do erstwhile though it was not a long ages. '