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'' and Yumi said. 'Are you angry?'
'As soon as good' and I said. I ..'.. think that I also have bubbled over somehow. The room is cleaned after a long time. However, I ..the aspect remark.. also .... was gazing out the window for a while ..happy.. ..'...
'' and Yumi said. 'Come here' servant sat on the bed next to Yumi.
'Nothing had been thought any longer' and Yumi said. 'Sleep because nothing was truly thought' I held Yumi on that night.
I made coffee, burnt the toast, and boiled the egg on the next morning. And, it arranged it on the table applying the salad to it. My breakfast is always such a condition if it is time with room at time.
After having drunk coffee a little, Yumi bit the boiled egg by one item.
'It was and existed' and she said. 'Such delicious and first goodness'
It has melted smoothly on the tongue when the softness of the yolk bites the boiled egg that I made on that morning by exquisiteness by one item.
I said, 'It slept in the boiled egg, and there was the one with a deep interior'. And, I decided not to say to Yumi the accident it was possible to do of the boiled egg at that time.
I sent the station Yumi at night.
'Moreover, can you meet next month?'There was with her.
'Surely' ('It is possible to meet'
'So, and surely' Shinkansen came. The appearances of men and women who parted reluctantly were seen besides us. Yumi took Shinkansen. The bell of starting rang. We had kissed immediately before the door closed. And, the door closed. Tears were seen to collect in her eyes.