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I met F on the next weekend when it met Yumi again. We decided to go to the bay shore.
F spoke details with current Junko to me.
F said, 'It was taken in amazement' while seeing the sea. 'It is not because engagement has been done before as much as one week passes as a man who inadvertently met it with a view to marriage the other day' 'Are you good in it?'
Ah ..ridiculous.. somehow ..'.. .. When only I might worry so much by what. I thought it was already trivial. Such a woman ..'.. ..distance.. was seen when good though was very many the ship was... The surface of the water shook quietly while sometimes reflecting the light of the sun that peeped between the clouds.
' and F said. 'Herr is what very' servant spoke coming of the work of the Yumi cartoon unexpectedly.
Even page 48 can ..'.. be gotten this time. Frankly speaking, I am not before and burn. When Tski turns to me apparently, ''For both public and private matters, it seems to be in the best condition'' ..doing.. is... Yumi and 'F at that night that was already going to attach for a while each other buried the ring gotten from Junko under a big tree near the apartment where I lived.
It was said, 'If it was here, it might be safe' and F ignited the cigarette. It ..'.. comes to see of ..tens of years' from now passing.. ,. And, 'What ..'..' that confirms whether there is a ring at that time still
Nothing decided ..'.. to be said though the servant of ..putting out..' felt contradiction between words of F that said it was already trivial Junko for proof of my giving birth in this world, and having loved one woman by the death.
However, F will return later to dig up the ring.