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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

Yumi always says, 'Good night ..then..' and hangs up the telephone. It seems to be her habit of saying. Incidently, she had said by telephone the other day. When I am a dissatisfied character if I do not work tightly on business. Moreover, the person who cannot neatly achieve work : ..hatred...
It works, it holds out, it sleeps, and I these days am too low-spirited in the company frankly speaking. It is because it worries whether to leave the company. I did not participate even in the company excursion that was the other day either. I did not seem to be able to endure spending as much as three days together by saying such tedious fellows to the travel. Perhaps, I might be a disqualification as the member of society. It is no use of being said so.
Icocoti in the company had worsened more and more after that though I advanced the work of the cartoon during the rest of three days.
'Is it done still in prevenient?' The head came near to my desk as usual and it said. In-house man had gone out almost at lunchtime. To avoid spending lunchtime with in-house man, I was on purpose moving time of lunchtime.
The head said, 'Put it in order with the guess'. I was not able to endure it though it was a serif of the usual of the head customary.
'Head' and I said. It is in ..'of 'There is fully what the servant wants also to say' and 'It is what'.. way of work that servants are doubted most. The head doesn't start to work time, and tell even the omission to finish it up early because of being good it. Of course, I also understand no excess to it if it finishes forwarding in one's work. However, only half a year has passed as for me since this work was started. It is after it enters this company that the work of the design was done for the time being though it was in the industry that has looked alike up to now. For such me, I am helpless that time must not start to work after saying. Because it doesn't know even how to pull out the hand. I think that the company can contribute consequentially if something is applied there to seeing little by little even if it takes time first. At least, I have understood not doing even though the head hears the story though the servant had something to say still ..cannot understanding.. ..'... suitably do the inertia of work and what integral meaning you exist in ..sink.. wayI thought that I was not able to be helped no matter what it said to this person.