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Because I had been thinking after lunchtime, it did not notice though the woman who wore glasses of the seat of was calling.
'May keep negligent' and she said. Ah ..'Each other because of being busy''.. I'm sorry. And, do?Is the package designed, and when do it ..''.. go up?She ..'.. said while showing an obviously ill-humored appearance. Having been for me to have been helping the work of which she was taking charge, and she to have to have adjusted the schedule according to the advancement condition of my work.
She said 'It is necessary to call even the other party' by a face that seemed to be more ill-humored. It is not easy to work to the woman because it is this. Because a trifling thing keeps emotional, and it remains indefinitely, the character is bad. Of course, the majority are so though it is not said that all of the working women are so. Judging from my seeing, at least.
I have been gradually getting irritated.
'It was ..that..' and I said. The work that we are doing ..'.. doesn't have the certain standard of only this advancement because of working of it how long. Even such a thing Herr is sure to know. Then, do you ..''.. : because you advance work quite haphazardly though whether when the design of this package goes up will be able to be said clearly therefore?Even I ..''.. am setting it up in the plan. However, I ..'.. drained one's patience to the limit though the idea necessarily like the plan it would float, and work not advance when it was ''Would do in the work and another hour'' what. It was said 'Come for a moment' and I invited the woman of glasses to the passage.
...'.. keep negligent. I lowered the voice and ..desire '.. said that the person was what.
'Roughly, it doesn't like your attitude' and 'Do you say that my attitude is strapping?' Seem ''I was ..coming.., and what so in usual' It is worth with sat throwing my head back, and the designer of the chief case would come before long, and our quarrel ..'.. was stopped. Because I had known there was no winning chance even if it fought against the woman by the mouth, it secretly felt relieved. After that, the woman and I of glasses managed it to regain relations and returned to professional life. It is miserable though it is a woman and me the fight.