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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

Father of her who had been embarrassed showed up ahead of F one day.
Will you ..'.. stop it?Junko has not indescribably thought of you any longer. It is only memories that Junko has. Her father said whether it was really a mother-of-pearl with chest of F ..leaving Junko's memories alone.. ..'Moreover, the next day'.. ..'...
I ..'.. love Junko. Therefore, it stands here. ''Only is you standing there, and has not it already been understood that it is a trouble enough?'' I will not talk to Junko ..not putting the trouble on nobody.. at all. After having shown the expression to which it was a little puzzled, her father loosened his hand that had gripped the vicinity of the chest of F ..me however.. ..standing here.. ..'... And, it disappeared in the house after it stared at F by sharp eyes and it applied it.
The telephone entered the house of F from Junko's father.
The people in the entire family and the vicinity are ..'.. troubled, too. The son's behavior was not able to be gotten somehow or other or after it had replaced the handset, father of 'F called F.
Father of F said 'It is what'.
'I regain her without fail'.
I ..'Please stop doing a miserable thing''.. do not stop it. I returned to my room 'F that was not the underdog, slept on the bed, and rolled. Some Junko's photograph has scattered on the desk, and it is and all things remain being thrown out without being arranged additionally. It was diagnosed that it had gotten depression F in the hospital the other day. Moreover, it hung to round alopecia, and food did not pass the throat. ..managing live day to day.. ..long.. keeping going regularly to hospital. take the nourishment medicine by F F had the bouquet prepared in Junko's present on the birthday when being get up before long and went out of the room at a while though dimly saw the ceiling in the room.
The light was on to Junko's room. F quietly put the bouquet on the door in her house.