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The letter that was reached from Yumi several days later. They were the one of an incoherent content though letters how many it was had reached from them up to now. However, this the one extended to as many as five pieces especially long by the letter paper. I felt strong sympathy for this letter. And, it was determined that it attached with her in a deeper part each other.
How are you?
This letter is being written while listening to the radio now. It is STEELY DAN that flows from the radio. However, their tunes think that it becomes and it says that it wants to listen in the sea in reality. It is the highest when a lot of ices and the beers are put in the cooler, and it listens to 'Babylon sisters' with Walkman while seeing the sea.
By the way, it is suitable of my favorite sea when coming here some time only during a day (Is half a day good?). It doesn't get tired there even if different from the Characharaed sea, and existing how long. The evening glow seen from the sea there thinks the mind to be washed somehow when seeing. There is what sees daybreak from there many times getting up early, too. It is really wonderful on the weekday of the offseason though doesn't settle down because the people of the wind and cars of a local number arrive in summer.