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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

The phone rang. It was from Reiko.
'After a long time' and Reiko said. I had already forgotten such a thing etc. with her though it remained fighting the other day. It depended, and it was work, and it was not possible to deflect.
Do you ..'.. keep energetic?'''' easily. Because it heard it as talking with Miss Kawashima, becoming the story of, and work you and becoming tired considerably yesterday. Then, ..holding very much.. cartoon is to favorite rather than work and ..''.. to do there is work still after the company ends and wanting to see very much ..serious... As a matter of fact..company..do..work..comparison..crazy..do.It was really good. It sleeps in it, and ..''.. feelings like vigour that returned to the original intention recently again. It boiled down for a moment in recent still because it did liking it to say nothing of positive speak frankly and the cartoon. Good at..draw..feelings..forward..rather..sketch..go mad..so much..talk..other party..on earth..talk..think..continue.
It recalled it by 'Cartoon..no..say..Picasso..Gogh..original..correct..scribble..start.Of course..selfish..logic..if..person..one..hear..clang..get angry.However, scribbling written on the back side of the handbill is a start in the small size I began to do this. Therefore, Catahigeha ..unbearably... I ..'.. ignited the cigarette like having drawn scribbling till late yesterday.
Reiko said 'Forgot because it was on a roll ..so..'.
I decided to be becoming silent though I thought that it disliked it in the remark of wind that understood while striking the back-channel feedback.
'This had not been said up to now' and Reiko said. 'Your and my picture and favor' After having put between least after that, Reiko continued.
...'It says, and it is thought that it is a picture with easiness''.. Japanese syllabary so. 'It worries ..'though I have not considered this..'.
'It only has not to go out to the picture of a next cartoon because you are terribly pointed out now'.
Be ..'.. ..worry... Because it will draw in feelings whispered toward the other party who is not visible when it points out very and the picture even at ill-humored is drawn. ..foppish.. however though might heard, after having told various stories for about one hour after that, Reiko and I hung up the telephone ..the desire as very important.. ..'...