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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

I awoke because of the sound of the telephone on the next morning.
'Hello I' and Yumi said. It was 6:30 still when looking consult one's watch.
Ah how did you ..'.. do?''It was not possible to sleep yesterday'' Why. 'Be talking for a long time in spite of making the telephone' It ..'.. hangs it. The telephone was supposed to have entered from Yumi yesterday.
'It was a telephone that did not cut to cutting'.
...calling.. yesterday is saying ..'.. in you ..and me... The decision strikes the day when it meets this month. Still, saying even if it was a telephone that did not cut was not a greatly important telephone. It was ..'.. careless. Last night..telephone..other party..previous state..woman..,in a word,..notice..know.
Am I think nothing of ..'..?Yumi was and there was ..'...
A silence continued in the other side of the telephone for a little while though I said ..not seeming '.. ..'...
'It was likely to stop it ..going at this month and me..', 'Got', and after a silence had continued for a while, I said. If I put time, 'At that time, do not you slowly talk because it called tonight?' I was going to be a strategy that she also would think variously till then. And, I also think between those. Whether it is necessary to say the other party of yesterday's telephone was Reiko or not?Whether it is made ..Yumi.. to embarrass in that or not?
It was Yumi to call at night.
I said 'Say clearly'. Yesterday's telephone was from the previous ..'.. woman. '
Such ..'.. a . ..understanding.. ..drinking..It is not deciding the telephone of not cutting to cutting to the telephone of the telephone of work or the separating woman. I decided to add for Reiko though it was not ..woman's telephone perhaps.. ..the desire because of becoming.. ..'.. ..Yumi.. ..anything...
It ..'.. separated from her two months before it got acquainted with you as said. It is not a lie. No do think nothing of of me of her any longer. I said ..true this, too.. ..'After that, after a short interval' and '...
Yumi only has ..'.. to decide it this month. whether come or do not comeThis is a bet that there is no other way ..not wanting come Yumi.. ..'...
It was said 'Understood' before long though Yumi did not mean anything at a while by a soft tone always. 'Go to you this month'.