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Yumi came to my room again. The woman who saw after an interval of one month was still beautiful. It is that it changed in this month, and I began surely to love her. I wanted to have managned to tell her that for three days that were with her. In not the word but the action.
To understand her, I heard the story of unnecessary shoes in three days when Yumi had stayed.
When enjoying the evening cool in the veranda, she started mother's story.
Mother ..'.. had the attaching each other person though it was a story before mother still did marriage. The other party was a son in a rich house. And, mother is : by being ..doing.. when getting acquainted with father in those days though did engagement with the person. Because father's house was not separately rich, father begins to attack it to mother severely. And mother are the gradual ..father.. charms and wither while seeing such father. The position is still no, and is feeling in this person as for something though how it becomes it ahead is not understood. And, even if it separates from the person of the other party who did engagement, and she becomes it with father, mother says. I felt Yumi that came for mother to be loved hearing the story of and , reliable ..conversation hearing , mother and my of this glossing over.. ..coming to the very favor.. ..'... I never hate such woman.
Yumi told the story when she was a junior high school student.
The homeroom teacher and I ..'.. were hated at the third grade of junior high-school. Woman..teacher..nasty.
I must ..'.. not have the hated teacher fully either. Most was hated, and the student whom I do not understand is a cowardly ..teacher '.. fellow at the school because the flexibility of a gentle Skebe fellow and the brain is lacked or it is extremely conservative, etc. only in the class and the woman to whom it is advanced only not to be related to no understanding of the student, and to be decided in time who assume evil from the head. It met the teacher at least respectable you, and be not able it to have met in a regrettable so on you and to have met you by me.
'And' and Yumi were said. Impossibility ..'.. was absolutely said by the teacher in me ..the school after which I had aspired when the high school was tested... And, I came to the head, it fought against the teacher, and it was made ..managing.. to write a recommendation. No, and it becomes Muki, it studies hard, and ''..be terrible.. Yumi'' is not so ..me.. ..passing the high school really... It studied and I ..dissatisfied character.. ..'.. had not held out so much if I did not thoroughly do anything anyway. Most was cram the day before of the examination. I had the idea that it might be the one that it studied and the more did everyone, the more came to be able to be done. Of course, though there might be a few individual variations. And, will reach at the level that the more such most men did, the more looked like, I was not able to have the interest.
However, strong in 'Coming ..soaked.. Mu way for everything' of Yumi and the charm and having withered are true. I
The next day servant decided to guide her to the port Yumi was to like seas by he or she. When the ship was seen in the port, I thought that I had to tell this story still.
...'To tell the truth, the company will be left''.. ..referring.. ..... Why do?The idea of the company is not ..''.. suitable for my idea. I want to start to work time until convincing though the company is running the profit principle. Of course, the work that I am doing restricts time, and cannot endure negligently throwing work though can surely not necessarily do good work because time was spent. Something is obtained for the first time, and I grow up, too and the company can contribute as a result as a result doing in my idea to the utmost (Such a serious story is told because Yumi is an other party). It is with the company, and it is not convincing to me though other parties are suitably throwing work. And, there is not such drinking without significant ..sleep.. ..''Only have to resign'' getting.. ..''.. while the interpersonal relationship in the company now deteriorates. It resigned and the ship ..correct answer.. ..'.. passed in front of us.
I said 'It might have been disappointed'.
What ..'.. :?'
You ..'.. said that you would hate man who was not able to achieve work neatly. Join a company..still..company..resign.
It is what because of 'Do you want will do the way of life that consents in you?If so, it said so and she straightened one's posture a little well ..it not was.. ..'... It shakes because of the wind where 'It is not thought that it is such your person of the talk by disappointed to hear though it and such an expression might be impolite' her hair blows from the sea.
What will I ..'.. not have a preconception at all?It is the same as you. As for might not such a person she, say so and she faces me ..might not such a person she.. ..such a preconception.. ..no possession at all.. ..'...
Are you ..'.. angry?I was very interested in her such idea ..the desire that being disappointed later because it expected it of the other party of ''As soon as good'' too much was after all impolite to the other party.. ..might the very loss with the preconception when ''Indeed'' things were seen.. ..'... Things are watched in the state of nothing.
And, I remembered sympathizing.