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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar
Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

We entered the bar near the sailor place. I have liked here before though it is a shop to have made the building that was the warehouse a bar as it was. It often comes here with Miss Kawashima. The woman's mastering shakes the shaker in the counter. There is no guest in the shop still so much. We sat by the window.
Yumi ordered the sidecar. Mastering came after it passed a little and her sidecar was poured. After mastering had gone, she said.
...'That person and height''.. why''was poured at a dash. That cannot be done if not greatly confident though understands because I also worked part-time in such a shop occasionally. If it made a mistake in the amount for a moment, four beats of BGM carried it somewhere as feelings good being swing before long though did the float of the tension at a while in surroundings of the sidecar that ordered her ..the spill from the glass.. ..one '...
When the sidecar of the second cup was ordered, Yumi started a certain story.
It ..'There is a person who separated one ..I.. year ago''.. knows. 'It was really favorite though had attached for six years each other with the person' It said so and she drank the sidecar by one item ..hearing from ahead.. ..'... She understands and following has understood the story somehow though I did not want to hear the story especially.