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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar
Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

After all, it ..'.. did not go well though it returned to original after it passed a little after that.
I have understood his of that feelings very well ..him.. ..painful and unbearably painful when meeting me.. ..saying.. ..'...
'You were not ..the loss of an important person..' and I said. I was complex feelings.
She said 'He was a very serious child'.
It was ..'.. child of the type that was not able to Nampa it the girl on the street. However, it was a cute kid. She drank up all sidecars that remained in the glass very much if becoming the nature ..being able play.. ..'...
She said 'After all, I am bad'. 'After it separated from him ..and.., it was possible to combine and was thought a person and me who was the most favorite' I ignited the cigarette.
Yumi said 'The talk changes'. When it introduces you to my friend, everyone thinks of you maybe and I ..'.. think that it says of like to him. How much did I decide to look like him, and it not to be though it differs considerably in the character ..'.. .... me. It was .... scary somehow.
After it went out of the shop, '' and Yumi said. Why that these kind of things were spoken to you today do you ..'.. think?''Now'' I did not conceal, and thought that you should say. However, do it hear and did not it want it?It was ..''.. painful to hear the current story. It was necessary to hear it to understand even a little a lot of Yumi ..the desire that you may hear it however.. ..'... And, one a man was felt and I felt good feeling in her of having loved too much.
What is he ..'.. doing now?I was and there was ..'...
It graduated from the university, and it ..'.. found employment. However, it has not lived in the same street any longer. When separating, he and 'I lived in another town somewhere, and, then, worked' were said.