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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

The bouquet that F sent Junko has been sent back. An enclosed letter was the one from her father. Apparently, her father seems to have sent it back.
This is returned to you. It is ..putting out.. . for the daughter. Please stop such mimicry never.
The flower started wilting. It says to F and the anger that not is has had a lump in one's throat.
To her father to Junko.
I thought that F was useless the way things are going. The way things are going, it will not be possible to talk with Junko. though the some beginnings can be gripped if it is possible to talk with the fellow.
F decided to ask subordinate's woman in the company, and to call Junko.
Is it ..'.. good?F was said ..taking the place of me at once when she went out.. ..'...
Junko's mother went out to the telephone entrance when subordinate's woman worked the dial.
'Hello I hopeed of Junko' and subordinate's women said. It did a little, and Junko answered the telephone. F quickly deprived subordinate's woman of the receiver. It heard of the sound that replaced the handset as soon as 'Hello' and F said. The sound of two two heard sounded emptily from the receiver in the chest of F after that.
Who is it ..'..?Subordinate's woman answers did not answer any F though it was ..that.. ..woman '... The conference on the collection announced next spring was held in the afternoon. F was absorbed in this work. F was directed to make the designer submit some ideas, and to make the one that Junko's favorite floral print pattern was treated in that contained. The idea of the floral print pattern met the violent opposition at the conference.
Why is it ..'.. floral print now?The management section head ..'.. asked F.
Hereafter, it will be ..'.. age of ecology. Environmental problems have been closed up every year. People are requesting the relief now. The one to make it there is easiness and feel relieved. Afterwards, the opinion of An that F had submitted was expressed one after another ..would the pull of the design of a soft floral print of people's eyes.. ..'... However, F forcibly carried through the idea spending about three time. After all, the sample of the idea was decided to be made.
It was thought that F took the sample home after the announcement of the collection of spring had ended. It becomes Cbi when coming to light. It is after the resolution. F was going to present Junko the sample.