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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

The company can be left another week. Still, my feelings are not excellent at the time of being with this company. Especially these several weeks were being ruled by Kiocota ..saying.. Datsu Ticaracan. When I have time to spare even a little, I think about the work of the cartoon.
The telephone of my desk rang. It was extension.
'Came because the head was in the coffee shop of the first floor' and administration's women said. I went to the coffee shop as said. The head was sitting on the table in the interior by the usual innocence.
What is it ..'..?I ..'.. had.
'You may leave today the office' and 'Get' you do not have any longer for. When you are doing so indefinitely, in-house men are negatively affected. Please resign as soon as possible. I read everything from head's face.
After lunchtime, the head announced to in-house my leaving today the office. I returned to the desk to finish the remaining work when the greeting was easily finished.
I left the company in feelings that the more unbearable, were the more miserable.