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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar
Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

Every day when it worked from the morning to the night on writing the cartoon started. I will go both to see alone though two fireworks were held near the apartment where I live the week.
I indulged to pensiveness while seeing fireworks. Being said and leaving company, cartoon, F, and Reiko Yumi. One summer runs bewilderingly.
The telephone entered from Yumi.
The company ..'.. was left. I ..'.. explained the situation one week earlier than schedules.
Seeming 'It is not well' and '' We will talk until the morning and reveal it on that night.
Yumi said by a soft tone ('' and always). Which season do you ..'.. like within one year?''It is not spring or no summer'' ..referring.. ..... Why do?'Got' I ..young evidence.. ..'.. thought that she was sure to like spring or summer of ''It likes that throb feeling that everything is reborn in the future'' it. Then, does Yumi ..'.. :?I think that there is a very deep meaning in saying, it is 'I like autumn' and Yumi is 'It likes autumn '' if it thinks at this late date.
Because 'Return in daytime' was started to say, was stopped after all, and existed until the night, do I ..'.. understand the other day?''Now'' Solving now of that it is not having eaten the boiled egg. And ..that time.. ah, and a boiled egg delicious ..this.. with two another degrees was not eaten and thought of when returning now. Then, it became suddenly sad and I ..'.. did not say after all so.
It was ..'.. ? the other day cry.. though has cried at the return and me in the place where it meets it and the first time. The difference has not been really understood this time ..understanding.. ..'...
I ..'.. thought that it became splashed at the first time, and it was likely not to being able to meet two another degrees.. and it said. However, it thought of it was possible to meet again ahead of this. This..differ..large.
By the way, it is a girl in my ..doing.. , company, and there is a child who enumerates wedding on the seventh ..'... As for the child, it is the same as the other party because it is secondarily younger in the same year as me you. A man still answered 'I for the time being though thought that there was a back in this question' as ..girl.. ..young.. ..not seeming.. ..'...
It moved to the topic without it was again ..another.. ..leaving.. and the meaning ..depth.. made remarks on Yumi when leaving during one hour.
'Marriage will be done at the age and me of 28'.
Because she becomes 26 years old because of this autumn, it becomes for two another years until marriage is done.
Yumi when becoming it meant near at the dawn and the meaning meant ..depth.. further. It was said that she was the second man who followed the boyfriend of the example of having heard me from the talk the other day.
'Marriage is the his.. following'.
What on earth does it mean?She said, 'It was possible to combine and thought to be the most favorite person'. Therefore, was I made the second man by the fact that it daring is unpleasant to have two another degrees and painful time? Or, am I only the second really ..'.. man for her?If so, and I thought. I become it somehow or other for her first man. She has the past. Memories swell fast. I also understand it. However, somehow or other.