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F obtained the wiretap. It is ..search.. . as for her real intention.
F turned the switch of the wiretap receiver. However, an abnormal electric wave was noticed to fly to the room at that time. FM electric wave is amusing. It is being tapped by someone. It is correct. However, who on earth :?Why do?
F began to suspect Junko's father.
F came to me after a long time. Because I had been advancing the work of the cartoon on holiday, it had not met F since time of going the other day to the bay shore. F began to polish the gun as usual.
Hey, do ..'.. afterwards?I was and there was ..'...
'.... do'.
I did not know F had not given up Junko yet.
Hey do you ..'.. succeed?Is ..example.. ..''.. Yumi?It came here the other day of ''Ah''. Is work advanced next month ..supposed to go to her me to meet.. ..''..?..''.. Japanese syllabary how. Whether seeming ''' Refreshingly ..leaving the company.. ..'.. though forgot ..,.. to be said. It is possible to concentrate on the cartoon by this. I am betting on this work. There is equivalent power this time. And, Yumi. I am crazy about her now. It has not met such a woman still before. The summer not forgotten for me will come in this summer. I primly muttered F , saying that 'You were a hight period of the life '' that might be able to change greatly in this summer.
Ah it was ..'.. bad. It talked ..only I inadvertently.. and 'However''F stopped the hand that polished the gun. What ..'of 'How do I become it in the future?' and 'Do ..the change also of the wind sooner or later..'..?Have not you ..''.. thought about the law with the life?Does it ..''.. : it is what?In a word, it will occasionally be ..''.. bad for the life at good time. To which always good again time comes after it worsens thoroughly of. For instance, it is an idea furnace as for the current 24 years of you. Wasn't it such a wind?'It was felt like so' It said so and F began also ..'.. to polish the gun. The..hand..always..deliberate..see..nature.