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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

The telephone entered suddenly from Junko. I was surprised to have hardly talked a little with her.
Junko said 'A story might want to be told'. It might be F. Were you ..something..?I told her the place in the bar of the example of the usual going.
'After 30 minutes from now' and I said.
When I went to the bar, she had already already sat on the table on the corner. When she found me, she floated the smile just a little. Such a complexion seems not to be bad. The physical condition might be returning to original, too.
'And after a long time' and I said.
'Really sudden I'm sorry'
We exchanged the conversation of customary that it did between the people met after a long time for a little while. And, the servant got down to business after that.
It was ..'of 'Talk who might be the fellow' and 'Yes'.. ..something... She began ..'.. to speak their current details sequentially.
'That time' and she said. I am told the cooling-off period of one month by him, and ..'.. have come really discouraging. that makes noise somehow by what takes four years till then and has built it up and collapses. And, ''Ah hear it'' has done engagement contracting the anorexia and me though it is likely to hear from him by feeling to meet with a view to marriage by father's recommendation at such time, and what not to be understood somehow as it is. Any..good..cling..one..provide..cling..frame of mind.
I begin also ..'.. to love the person now. It is certain a little it. Problem, ..peel..'