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I entered the last spurt of the work as F worrying with Junko. Work is a little later for the first plans though the deadline is ten another days. I continued the writing work little sleeping at night.
My feelings of this summer that meet Yumi will be reflected in this work in no small way. It is one side for me to draw the work, and leaves the record of every day. It is like writing the diary in a word. This work will become the one that remains maybe in memories for me. Moreover, my life in the future was greatly controlled, and there was such a presentiment, too, if this work went well.
I was coming considerably physical and mentally until closing on the third another and the day when it had approached. I was sitting at the desk most only by energy.
...'.. vigour?Yumi ..'.. said in the other side of the telephone. It is always a soft voice.
Work is ..'Ah manage''.. busy. Is ''Today or tomorrow is a match'' body safe?A positive speak frankly, it neglects, Shou is done, and it ..''.. comes. How it says, and it cannot have confidence in my doing gradually when becoming tired physically and mentally. I have whined instinctively to tell the truth in front of her ..getting depressed a little while ago a little more.. ..'...
I reflected showing a weak part in front of her after having hung up the telephone. And, the rest decided to be taken for a little while. I made coffee. The evening sun is seen outside the window. I ignited the cigarette, and was gazing out the window dimly at a while. The day sank, and after that, the beautiful dusk color sky was completed before long. It has been settling down gradually my feelings. I started working again when the color of the evening glow started changing little by little, and the color be almost lost.
The storm left at a certain dawn. The work finally finished. And, the two days later, I wrote the letter that existed in Yumi.
Is it energetic?I am energetic. Physical strength has recovered completely, too. It tries to finish the second day of summer vacation for me now. By when it continues is not understood during this summer vacation for the time being. It will enter to take a rest in autumn before long, and it is likely to be going to continue to the winter break as it is if it says according to the principle of nature.
By the way, I was run after by work inadvertently three days ago. It was one very wonderful week though it was especially hard the last one week. Let's speak that time a little.
Because I had been sitting at the desk while it is working, the room of the street and me who knows becomes beginning that setting sun invades straight. Therefore, the wonderful color evening glow has been completed from 3 PM to 5 o'clock when noticing by chance after that and looking out through the window because it is hardly significant though the air conditioner is put. Especially, the beautiful evening glow was able to be seen this week every day because it was fine. However, I ardently had not looked at the evening glow and have not been fascinated with the beauty before like this about this week. It hardly rings in one's heart this time last year though I should have been looking at still similar scenery from this room several times at time which it just wandered around. Then, it was thought why. The situation was different last year and this year if it said from the conclusion.
I was spending every day in an internally, in a hurry, that the figure decreased from the savings bank book every day, and melancholic feelings this time last year. However, it had the work that was able to become crazy for the time being at a while after having left the company for this year. It enhanced every day.
Why did the evening glow that had been seen the last one week look especially beautiful?It is a long ages. I think that it can understand because a how much serious thing to work while being chased in a word at and time or Yumi also works. This..normal..mental status..keep..considerably..device..necessary.Therefore, the evening glow seen at such time is only though is it if it makes it to and the word that softens my feelings by no experience still before and reflects the more beautifully more unbelievable for me at that time it. It got very far with work without fail actually after that time in had passed.
When Yumi gave the telephone before a day of the deadline, I was not able to conceal physical and mental tiredness any longer. Because I did not say, it thinks. A miserable point has been shown. However, it is added to be the most beautiful and to have remained in the impression in the evening glow's seen on that day having seen sarcastically this week.
Such a talk might make P.S only Yumi.
However, the letter will not reach under Yumi. The nightmare that another storm, unpleasant, and not anticipated while I missed sending a letter to began to appear gradually. And, I at that time had not noticed it yet.