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The o.k. of a new magazine will be celebrated, and I do both suppers with Miss Kawashima.
Work..dusk..color..talk..a little..long..title..apply.It is after that a new magazine is put on the market for one month.
'It was the work and in-house of you popular' and Miss Kawashima said.
Seem '.
The story of the serial ..'.. is waited for a little more. The reader's reaction thinks that I ..''Yes''.. am safe because the persuasive power doesn't go out after it returns. That..work..without fail..today..young..reader..some..support..obtain..think..thank you..this time..work..picture..something..feel..one.Time when it is constant to draw and to touch the raised work objectively is ..'.. necessary for myself though it doesn't understand still well. However, this work certainly has the sense 'Burnt out'. This is important.
Does not make to the long piece if you swell that work more or ..'..''Yes, after I also drew, thought so'' serial is very oaks when saying by it. ''The long piece had not been drawn yet and it was uneasy'' I also helped and the way back and I after it had separated from Miss Kawashima ..'.. actually felt that big confidence was born on business this time in it. And, I thought that I presented it to Yumi when the first number of the magazine was made. Because this work is a work anyway that was not able to be drawn if it doesn't meet her though the work of the cartoon has not said anything to her yet.