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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

The telephone finally entered from Yumi on the day before night where it went to Yumi.
...'.. vigour?She ..'.. said.
Yumi did not explain the reason that had not been contacted at a while to me. Moreover, I was not done as long ages. It is because she is a condition just like always. She only said time and the place of tomorrow's Waiting.
She said 'Look forward'.
I was not able to attach to sleep easily on that night. The outside has already begun to lighten if it notices. It was possible to hardly take a nap though it dozed me for a little while.
To take best Shinkansen in the morning after light breakfast had been taken, I faced the station. After it had arrived at the station, I noticed the switch of air-conditioning of the room might have forgotten to be erased. I asked to call the fire station, and to check because I was absent though I called the manager in the apartment.

She was ordering coffee having already already sat on the counter when arriving at the coffee shop that Yumi specified.
Have you ..'.. understood at once?She was and there was ..'...
'Manage to sleep'.
...'.. ..good shop.. ?' After it had gone out of the shop, servants decided ..''.. to drive with the car of Yumi. It was a mysterious day that was not able to be said indescribably if it thought now. There is no one cloud sky, and it clears up, and the shadow that doesn't understand somehow somewhere of that flickers with Caratsu.