Fatigue - Twilight Bar -

Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar
Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

When arriving at the bar that Yumi worked part-time on that night, my tiredness reached the top. After having drunk the highball, I ordered Doraimartini. Yumi talks happily from beginning to end in I the next as acquaintance's bartender and patrons. A bar that enters ..strange town.. for the first time, a strange bartender, and I become gradually one. Even the word is not derived well. If the usual though it would be better to be able to do better. I of that one another appeared to before it knew and me so. That time that left company in miserable feelings. I had to have returned to the former myself however and again. ..waiting... will become it soon itI do not want to be seen such an appearance in Yumi. Only Yumi is so. Feelings of the doubt to her come in succession in such a desire. Rapid waning confidence. And, extreme sleepiness who comes from the insomnia at tiredness and the previous night. I gradually felt consideration lose clear. In the bottom of the dark, even if I want to manage to run away there, I am a calyx.
I have spilt Doraimartini. When I mistook it, the bartender said "It is good'. "Surely ..coming from the distance and tiredness.. ..,..' I tried to laugh away.
"Were you going to lend the key to the car?' and I said to Yumi.
"It is good' and' we run into it in her car. And, when the seat was knocked down, I sank into a deep sleep as it was.