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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

We did the check-in to the hotel where she had reserved reservation.
Do ..'.. if it lies early?Yumi ..'.. says.
Do not you ..'.. talk ahead of that a little?I ..'.. had some things that wanted to come to her. Where had you gone for a long time last week?Have you to be already have already lost interest in me?Therefore, did you talk without permission also in a bar a little while ago only as the bartender and the patron?Say clearly for that matter.
Yumi said while sitting on 'What.. goodness' and the sofa.
'It was tired today'.
Anything is said because of 'Even I did not drink sake by thinking today by as much as one drop though I said to drinking with the person in the company yesterday. It is not the same even in you either. Such a thing was not to have understood yesterday neatly sleep and. I was not able ..'.. to say anything when said so because I was not a child.
Now do ..'.. if it lies early?Yumi ..'.. said. Or, you may ..'.. become the same thing tomorrow. I changed clothes and ..'.. got into bed. Yumi is asleep on the sofa.
I said 'Will catch a cold in case of sleep in such a place'.
It was said 'It was good' and she turned her back.
We received the morning as they were. The telephone in the room rang. I took the receiver.
What ..' It is and has understood''.. :?'Checkout ..'..'