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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

I came back to the apartment. Energy that took it out did not remain though I recalled that the key was in backing because I came in front of the door. I put its hand under the air-conditioning machine with the spare key that had been found the other day. I made it to Gyotsu. There is no spare key. It searches by the hand of me. After all, it is not. The cold runs my line of the backbone.
I took out the key of the bag, and opened the front door. There is no sign from which the room is ruined. It remains as going out. I started reasoning. The criminal is man who knows I was staying away. Moreover, the theft is not a purpose. Then.
It was Reiko in my head to float on first. When meeting Miss Kawashima, I told the story that went on a trip the other day. And, Reiko gets of knowing hearing that from Miss Kawashima thought at some chances afterwards.
I saw the nightmare on that night. It was a dream that someone sneaked in to the room, it covered on me who had been sleeping, it left, and it tried to kill me with the razoredge thing. It was a dream with the reality awfully.
I awoke because of the sound to which the front door tried to be opened violently at the dawn. I went to confirm the door panicking. It was not a newspaper delivery. Moreover, the key was opened though the lock descended. After it had peeped from the keyhole into the outside, I opened the door of the door. There seemed to be no one though the vicinity was looked about. However, it is certain for someone to come here and to have opened the key. Someone certainly came here though the door did not open because the lock got off. Moreover, judging from the power of the sound in which it had tried to open that door, the criminal should have been convinced of I not was in this room. Actually, it was not to be here today if I was true because it went on a trip to schedule of three night stays.