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Read Manga Online for Free Romance - Twilight Bar

It was one side, and there was repeatedly at the separation at Yumi and the station and repeatedly many times in me. At that time, I have returned like that why. Did not another any have the hand?
However, I am in this room now. The fact was already helpless and fatal. And, the mystery of the spare key. I have already seemed to become it please. It was not possible to stand though it was.
I flung out of a room and went to the bay shore park. And, it thought happening so far one by one. However, it was the same even though thought to where. Nothing was solved.
I did not return to the room though the night came before long. I was going to reveal it here at night. It heard of the sound of fireworks that someone was doing from the beach. The sea breeze gradually becomes cold. Am I who thought by chance doing to me here now at midnight of what on earth?
I decided to call the house of Yumi on the next night. Her mother answered the telephone. Yumi. After it had asked there was a telephone to tell it that her, I hung up the telephone.
It was on that next night that there was a telephone from Yumi.
I said 'It was confused at that time'.
What ..'.. ..calling this time... Is it really good in it? I should have been many times ..... Why did not you say at that time if it had something to say?'
' '
Does the talk ..'.. : that much?
The sound that replaced the handset snappishly sounded in my ear.
I am foolish. The trivial fellow. Death.